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Best Asus Motherboards 2023: For AMD and Intel

Best ASUS Motherboards

Motherboards are the most important thing to look at before buying and building a computer. Choosing the right one means that you aren’t just buying a piece of hardware but also investing in the future of your experience with computing. It’s easy to fall in love with a brand, but because motherboards are so niche, we’ve focused our efforts on the best Asus boards available today, rather than just any old motherboard.[…]

Best MSI Motherboards (Intel/AMD) 2023

Best MSI Motherboards

Are you building a new gaming PC? are you searching for the best motherboards available in today’s saturated market? Then look no further because here we’ve listed the top 5 mother boards for MSI, the world’s leading gaming brand.

The cost of CPUs and GPUs could go up since TSMC recently reported a price increase in chip production.

TSMC Foundry

the world’s largest foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), will increase its prices for chip production. Increased demand for semiconductors is currently leading to a price increase. The move will make TSMC more profitable but may also lead to higher prices for CPUs, GPUs, SoCs, and other PC components.

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